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This is a 35-part course that will walk you through everything you need to know to create, launch, and scale a profitable online education business. These are the same tactics we used to scale our business to $100K - $150K per month. Obviously, we can't promise you the same results, but everything in the training is based on real results & world-class training.
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35-Part Module Course
How to create an online education business from A to Z
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Over 35 Videos For Free - Walking You Through How To Start An Online Education Business From A To Z 
What People Are Saying This Course...
"I'm incredibly excited to be learning from Patrick, and I cannot say enough good things about this course."
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What People Are Saying This Course...
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Inside Of This Brand New 35-Module Course, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Discovering...
• How we created an online education business and scaled it to 6-figures per month (obviously, I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results. What I can guarantee is that you’ll get virtually a master’s degree in marketing, sales, persuasion, and be better than 99.99% of anyone in your industry)

• The exact step-by-step system to create a highly-persuasive webinar that converts cold traffic into sales

• Learn and see exactly how I manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad-spend and consistently get a 3X-5X ROI with full automation

• The exact funnel we used to scale 500+ high ticket sales in record-breaking time

• How to achieve perfect clarity, define your niche, and dominate a sector in your industry

* How to create a business entity, structured with your vision, mission, and principles

• How to build an incredibly high-converting & profitable funnel for your business (step-by-step)

* How to have laser-precise targeting with your ads so that you can target your ideal customer and convert them into a sale

• Learn how to set-up masterful email marketing for your business to potentially convert an extra ~30% of prospects into customers

* How to set up Youtube ads for a high ticket funnel step-by-step

• How to set up Facebook ads for a webinar funnel step-by-step

• How to build a world-class irresistible offer, create your product, and ensure it’s scalable 

How to leverage money, get 500,000+ credit card points, travel for free, the best cards to use for your business, and more...

• And so, so, so much more.... The amount of value you'll receive in this course is unparalleled to anyone else in this industry - and it's free.
Get virtually a master's degree in marketing, advertising, sales, persuasion, and learn how to build a world-class online education business - for free
      See What Others Are Saying...
      "I made $11,458 my first 3 weeks after working with Patrick" - Jonathan Mitchell
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